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I've given you a six...

This is because the sound was clear and audible and the drawing was good especially as you was trying to imitate Firth's style.

However, it only got a six because you was trying to imitate Firth's style. :)
Also if you are going to make a parody, make a parody. Using the script and audio from a previous episode of Weebl and Bob will hardly bring in the laughs as it's been done already.

The thing I love most about Newgrounds is you can see unique pieces of work by individuals and see how they draw things and maybe pick up tips along the way to develop your own style. If I could offer you one piece of advice it would be to develop and hone your own unique style. Bring to the table your own ideas and thoughts, don't parody an already existing piece of flash.
Personally I think Weebl and Bob ran it's course a LONG time ago aswell. Just my opinion.
I'm not a fan of flash animations that build on an existing piece of work by someone else (say a computer game character or comic book character) because at the end of the day you aren't going to get heaps of praise as you are basically copying someones already existing idea rather than inventing your own. The original author of the characters will take the praise and be hailed 'iconic' when it should be YOU who is striving to get an audience.
Don't take this as a personal attack either, I'm just trying to be constructive for you rather than just give you grief :)

I don't believe in giving overall 0's to people as, being a flash animator myself I know the work that goes into making a piece, so well done on your drawing skills, but put them to better use, Jonti has got a following, David Firth has got a following, seek your own following rather than pandering to the needs of fans of Weebl or Salad Fingers.

Good luck :)


You should be proud of yourselves.

A fantastic piece of work, and well researched.

Hats off to you.


I like this series. The poetry night one was especially good. The humour is clever, which is probably why people like MoHonna don't get it and deem it 'retarded'.

Keep it up, it's a cool series.

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